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Dropshipping Between Retail and Distributor

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Hello! I manage a brick-and-mortar monobrand retail store for the US distributor of an European accessory company. We use Shopify for our B2C in-store POS and Handshake for store restock orders as well as for B2B wholesale orders which are all fulfilled by the US distributor. I am trying to find an app or platform where we can more seamlessly integrate customer shipping orders from POS to be flagged/pulled/shipped/logged separately for financial reporting by/to/for the US distributor. As it is right now, here is our ordering process for retail store orders that need to be shipped to customer:

1) Retail processes the sales order in POS and adds Note "ship to customer from warehouse".

2) Distributor warehouse checks Shopify backend for "Unfulfilled" retail orders in Shopify the same or next day.

3) Distributor warehouse "Fulfills"/ships order to customer within Shopify backend.

4) Retail adds those POS order items shipped from Distributor warehouse to Retail customer on a monthly running order in Handshake i.e. "Dropshipped orders from Distributor Warehouse to/for Retail Customers" (as if Retail is an external Wholesale account).

5) Distributor tallies up items their warehouse has shipped on behalf of Retail and financially "bills" Retail account.


Essentially, we would like to be able to have those order items that are fulfilled/shipped to Retail customers by the Distributor Warehouse easier to track for financial reporting. Everything I have researched about "dropshipping" lately seems to be focused on ecommerce-only retailers who are using third-party dropshippers for order fulfillment. I would really appreciate some feedback or suggestions if anyone has some insights to steer us in the right direction. Or at least help me rephrase the search terms for this quest, please!


Thank You!

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Zoe, I am in a similar situation. An app that is outside of the "Shopify Gold/Plus Subscription" ,which is essentially a separate Wholesale Shopify account, would help me as a manufacturer looking to connect and sell to other Shopify retailers. This should not be terribly difficult for the Shopify folks to attack. 


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