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Dymo 450 Wireless not compatible with other Bluetooth hardware

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After spending some time on the phone with Dymo customer support, I learned that the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless we purchased from Shopify for our new POS system is not compatible on our iPad if any other devices need to use Bluetooth at the same time. Can anyone confirm this? We also bought the Bluetooth Receipt Printer, so we have that running on Bluetooth. If true, what label writer would you recommend instead? thank you!



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I'm surprised not even someone from Shopify can answer this question. This was posed in another thread in 2017 & Shopify staff claim it was a problem with an iOS 11 upgrade, but that was 5yrs ago.

Sell hardware, but make sure it works across platforms LIKE the iPad, as hundreds of thousands of businesses USE the iPad as their primary POS connection. We've spend hundreds trying to get our IP guy to help fix the problems we're literally having with ALL DYMO printers, wired & wifi/Bluetooth, and getting nowhere.  The fact this printer won't connect to the iPad while OTHER technology is also connected ... is a problem that should not be. We had NO issue running our old POS system through the iPad with Bluetooth connections all firing, and operating the label printer, receipt printer, and SocketScan S700 laser barcode scanner ... ALL at the same time. If Shopify wants to charge $80/M to use their POS, find a printer that can operate alongside other, or at least answer the question... We've spent $4,000 in migration costs, hardware consultations/attempts to connect & new hardware to get here & it should NOT be this difficult.