Dymo, Shopify and Mindbody label printing, how?

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Hi all! Our old Rollo printer is dying, which is a problem for all those shipping labels (especially as we sometimes need them smaller than 4x6), and we also have 500+ SKUs we would really like to price label. I was hoping to find a label printer that can do both.


Looks like Dymo 4XL is the Shopify recommendation, but I don't want to drop $250 on a printer than can only do 4x6, which if I'm not mistaken, is the case on that one? The 5XL is cheaper, can print on a network from multiple devices, AND can print multiple formats.


It seems crazy not to get that one, is there a way to use the 5XL with Shopify? When I go to print a shipping label, it pops up in a new browser window as essentially an image outside of the Shopify evironment, it seems like I should be able to print to wherever, is that not the case? We do only shipping through there, our inventory, price labels, and everything in person is done through Mindbody, which can use the 5 series Dymos.


Halp? Trying not to make expensive mistakes here.


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Yes, you can use any 4" wide label printer to print shipping labels.


The problem with Dymo's new 5 series is that they only work on original Dymo labels, so the labels are expensive.