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Hi there!


I'm looking for some help editing the printed receipt template code to remove the "USD" component, and was wondering if anyone has some insight on how to do this?

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 10.41.52 AM.png

To give some more info on this...


We have a bit of a unique situation, we've got our online store in USD (which is what we want), but we've also got a small retail store in Canada that we will be using the Shopify POS for. We charge in CDN at our retail store (all payments are going through an external terminal instead of shopify payments, so no issues there). The problem is that the printed receipt says "US" on it, which will be confusing to customers. Is there a way to hide/remove the "US" that is printed? No need to put "CAD" on there, just want to hide/remove the "US" text.



Thank you!


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