End to End Transactions

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Ive been searching for this ability so if someone knows how to solve please let me know.

Shopify as we know collects useful information towards the ecommerce transaction point of sale in their database.  Date of purchase, date of fullfilment name phone number etc.

However this doesnt entail the full end to end point of sale.  It stops timestamping from the point you fulfill the order.

In reality the final part of the transaction is when the customer recieves the product.

My question here is since Shopify can record the tracking number via USPS per say, why can it not retrieve the delivery status of the order or date customer received goods?  It doesnt have to be super descriptive, perhaps a symbol of a clock when the package is in transit, a symbol of a checkmark when confirmed delivered and a symbol of a yield if customer was unabled to be reached to receive goods.

The most important part Im looking for is the delivery status to be complete with a time stamp or date stamp.

Im not looking for a third party developer to store this information.  I need Shopify to have this.

Reason is because I would like to create an automated email to the customer once they recieve their product. And perhaps auto email customer if the product was attempted to finalize delivery several times with no success from USPS and now they are returning it back to sender.

I dont want to create an automated rule to auto email post fulfillment days because all delivery destination are not equal and some may have troubles.  

The ability for shopify to retrieve this data from USPS per say is possible.  Ive seen it done by third party developers in shopify, but that deosnt help me because the email automation Im trying to create needs to depend on the source POS which in my case is Shopify, not my Shipping app.

This information is so important because then you can measure your complete turn-around time end-to-end when it comes towards you delivering to the customer and the customer recieveing the product versus just how fast you can ship it.  Logistics analysis.

Perhaps even make a analysis towards on average which shipping service gives you a better delivery in certain countries based on rates.


Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Edwin, thanks for the feedback!

We are actively working on improving our shipping and tracking integrations in Shopify. We've got some exciting stuff coming that I think you'll like. Stay tuned!