Entering products on the fly when taking inventory...

Entering products on the fly when taking inventory...

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 I am setting up a retail store, who's inventory contains quite a few products that were purchased from an existing store that went out of business. To the best of my knowledge, I have gotten in all their new orders, ones that had a 'digital paper trail', that I was able to import CSV files, but what are my best options on ones that I don't have any invoices, etc?

We are currently using the barcode scanner & Stocky on an iPad, to get the starting inventory, but what about the products not in the system?

I have QR Code & Barcode Scanner on my iPhone, that has been pretty good about looking up the products (on Internet), that I was copying & pasting that info into a text doc that I could use for CSV import later, but that's a little too cumbersome for the people I'm trying to show how to use this, looking for an easier way.


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