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Exchange credit and gift cards, Accounting register

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I am very confused as to how to register exchanges and gift cards.



.Client comes in, purchases an item, pays 100 credit card  (Sales report shows 100 in net order amount and 100 payment amount)

.Comes in the next day to return the item, we run the exchange and give him a gif card (Sales report shows, on the original order, 100 in net order amount, 100 in payment amount and 100 in total refunded) ALSO creates a new order exchange-credit in payment method (0 in net order amount and 100 in payment amount)

.Comes in again for a new purchase, pays 100 in gift card ( creates a new order with 100 net order amount, 0 payment amount)


The end of day sales report shows the git card as revenue, but I had the money paid in credit already!


So in my accounting software, how should I process this?

Cancel the first two records or set them to 0 and register the last sale as final, but how will I know that the gift card corresponds to a credit card deposit in my bank? The record of someone paying with a gift card purchased with cash looks the same in the report.


I don't know if this example makes sense, but any help will be appreciated,


Using POS Lite btw.

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