Experiencing issues with new POS update - any suggestions?

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Ever since the POS update I have been having major issues with my system.  We run two iPAD pros with the Star TSP100IIILAN wired printers.  Up until the update we were able to get each printer to print to its corresponding iPAD which also opens the cash register by unselecting the printer default in settings.  Since the update  when you toggle off the default for one printer it automatically sets the other printer to default.  That means, if you are working on one iPAD and the printer is set to default for the other printer,  the wrong cash drawer is going to open.  


We also use Selly to apply tiered discounts in both the POS and online.  Selly no longer works to give us the discount option in the POS.  We have removed Selly, reinstalled Selly, and I have even deleted the discounts and recreated them.  They work perfect online but not on the POS APP.   


Our images and products haven't all updated to the new app which means some of our products aren't scanning or just don't show up even when typed in the search. 


We are having issues with our card readers dropping and having to be reinstalled.  It happens every time the system goes to sleep and we have to reenter our code. 


I have contacted Shopify and Selly about the issues.  No one seems to know why it is happening and don't seem to have any solutions.  It is very frustrating.


 Anyone have any ideas or solutions that might help?

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This new update is garbage.  I am having issues as well with glitches in the system that I never had before, it is much less user friendly.  I don't understand why a developer would make the software worse than the original unless they are pushing us to update to POS Pro.  

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I have the exact same problems.

We lost our entire catalogue and the solution was to go into each brand and go to columns and click POS to add back in.  It took me hours to do this. My staff could not scan items and the CC machine is dropping off after almost each sale.  My register summary is completely off so I have to go in and balance manually now and count cash as everything is off. I also have to check to make sure Shopify is depositing correctly which now is broken up in different dates for transactions.  No one is getting back to me. So frustrated with the whole system.  They should have not done the updated until tested correctly.  I feel like my business is a lab rat for them. Which is horrible in itself. Very upset.

Kati Graham
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My cash drawer is not opening every time, the font changed, the tiles are
much larger on the home screen so I can only see 6 at a time, etc. Idk how
this developer can still have a job after making a step this far
backwards. Very frustrating to say the least.
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we cannot get the cash drawer to open at all.

New Member
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I am also having problems with the printer and card reader dropping out all the time.  It is like playing wack a mole, between keep the printer, card reader and scanner all up at the same time.  I have to the ipad forget the item and reinstall it many time to get it back up.