Feature Request: Allow banner news items to be cleared

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We have been using POS and Stocky for a few years now. Recently the devs have sadly started messing with Stocky again, which used to be the last stable area for us to use in this system.


Our feature request is: allow your large distracting banner ads (talking about your "upgrades") to be x'd out so we can dismiss them. We will not be using your new POS additions until such time as the POS is actually fixed from 10 updates ago. We still have the jumping cursor bug, still can't see all the items in the cart, now it's harder to add things to the cart, save cart is gone, the list goes on and on. It would be ideal in Stocky to just remove all the new visual distractions. This is an easy request - just give us the option to dismiss your giant banner ads.


It would also be ideal if you can please remove the new graphics on the purchase screen so we aren't distracted by every single purchase order with a note on it. The old note symbols were easier on the eyes and enabled us to equally view both the draft orders and orders with notes. If you are still interested in making it easy on the user, there you go. 

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