Feature Request: Allow clients to pay online for invoice we sent them, with out of stock items

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We have a delivery coming in later today, which we have not received in our system. It will be received in the system once we have physically counted it. In the mean time we have clients who want to pay for the items that will be coming in, so we can put them on our delivery route. I thought we previously were able to send an invoice to clients for items that were out of stock and they could still pay for it. It would then remove that from the available stock when we received the goods in the system. Now I see the clients are no longer able to pay for the invoice. It says the item is out of stock and has been removed from your cart. It seems like each time we turn around Shopify is reducing the way we can make money. Which is highly counterintuitive since they also lose money when I can't process the sale online. Now I've asked the client to go to the trouble of doing and etransfer. Shopify will make zero dollars on that sale. Works out better for me, but not for my client (or for Shopify).


Please make it so that we can send invoices with stock levels that don't match (we used to be able to) and let the clients pay online. Then that stock should show as committed, until we get it in stock and then give it to the client.

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