Feature Request: Bring back customer support service

Feature Request: Bring back customer support service

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We request you bring back the functionality that you previously offered us, but have taken away.

Bring back the ability to email in for support.

AI chat bot is not good at answering the questions - sends you to helpfiles that have similar key words but are completely different topics. AI chat bot sends you to helpfiles that are outdated and incorrect. Current system forces you to sit and wait staring at your computer instead of doing your work. As a retail store, this level of customer support is unacceptable. 

Each time we call or chat bot our way into support, we get someone that has no idea about how to use the items. The training you provide your staff on stocky is not adequate. To improve the end user experience you could have an experience group of support people who are dedicated to your retail clients, as you have sold to us what you said was a fully functional retail point of sale and omnichannel sales system.

We don't have the luxury of waiting around for a chat agent. We need the option to email in for questions that your basic agents will have no clue how to answer and then we wait around even longer while they try to type out messages back and forth between teams. As a guard dog system, they aren't building your customer experience.

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