Re: Feature Request: Buy X Get Y bundles for collections and POS only

Feature Request: Buy X Get Y bundles for collections and POS only

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We sell online and in person at trade shows.  At trade shows we'd like to offer a "Buy 3 Get One Free" bundle based on collections.  So buy 3 of collection A get 1 free.  Or buy 6 get two free, etc.  Buy 3 of collection B get 1 free and so on.

I've found a few apps that can do it like Stackable, but it takes like 6-8 seconds for the discount to calculate and apply.  I also tried upgrading to POS pro, but as far as I understand it you can only run one automatic discount at a time and you can't run an automatic discount only on POS.  It has to be online too.

This seems like such easy programming.  I downloaded Square and was able to set this up in 3 minutes.  Do I just need to use Square for our POS and deal with the hassle of syncing our inventory?

Feature Request: Would Shopify please develop the capability to do Buy X Get Y discounts for it's POS system?  I'm guessing this would up our AOV and would then increase Shopify Pay's profit.


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Very much in agreement with this request. The discounts on ShopifyPOS are incredibly limiting. Like you said, it would be such an easy fix... 

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Hi @Robbie3,

You can take a look at ConnectPOS. We're the leading POS solution that supports seamless real-time synchronization and multiple promotion rules, such as Buy X Get Y or group pricing. Our support team is ready to help you set up our POS with your store 24/7!

For more information, you can book a free consultation with us. 

ConnectPOS - Shopify POS app for PC, Android, iOS, omnichannel retail, inventory control.

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 I just got an email that says if you are on the pro you can do this now?? Not sure because I am am such a small business I cannot afford to add the pro - I only do pop ups and shows, no brick and mortar store yet. A shame they say they are for small businesses, but then charge so much for the pro POS.

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You still can't. Just tried..