Re: Feature Request - Customer "Sign-in" At Physical Store

Feature Request - Customer "Sign-in" At Physical Store

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We would love it if there was a way for the customer to use the Shopify payment terminal at our physical store to "sign-in" to their account before we ring them up. This would eliminate us having to ask for their phone number or email before the purchase. A lot of other retail stores have this feature. I know it has the option for email..after the purchase, but then we still need to ask for it before hand in order to see their rewards points and if they have a credit to use. 



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Hi @Steven321 !


This is a great feature and it will definitely help Shopify merchants that has in-store set up. If not yet done, I highly suggest that you forward this feedback to Shopify support team so, they can forward this feature request as well to Shopify developer team. You can reach out to them by going through their Shopify Help Center and enter your concern on AI chat box, respond to it until the "I still need help" or "chat with a support advisor" option appear.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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Thank you! I will do that. I was not sure how to submit it.