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Feature request: printable invoices prior to payment, ability to take deposit, and email store

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We often have people who pre-order goods or do a 50% deposit on goods. We would like to be able to create a draft order and save it as unfulfilled, and be able to email that client a copy of the invoice so they can see the goods and the pricing. Currently you can not print your order sheet or a packing list or anything until you have completed it. We are taking screen shots and sending those to clients and to the store so the staff can fulfill them. We've started just using an excel spreadsheet which is silly when the functionality is there, just needs to be set to allow us to print prior to accepting payment.


We would also like to request the ability to take deposits on orders, without it showing in our accounting as the entire sale happening that day (messes up our month end accounting in a big way). 


We need a way to be able to have all SHIPPING orders and DRAFT orders automatically (or even better, a setting that we can choose) sent to the store level for them to fulfill. That is what happens in a POS in a retail store - our inventory isn't in a separate warehouse, we are not drop shipping. So when an order comes in for shipping it should push to our POS like all the other orders (pick up and local delivery), so it can be fulfilled. Thanks.

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