Feature request: reduce size of tiles on POS (or enable computer monitor use)

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The tiles on the POS take up more than half the space on the screen with the last update. We need to be able to view the actual cart to double check orders have successfully scanned each item. With upwards of 36 items on an order, that tiny space available is hard to work with. Can we please reduce the massive size of the tiles to make more space for the actual items to show up? Or even better, make this system usable on a large computer screen instead of a tiny ipad. Thanks!

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I 100% agree with this, the Square POS does this way better and only showing 8 things on a huge ass ipad pro screen is dumb. An alternative to this is make a tile/mosaic view of the collection list view, that list view is even worse as it only shows 6 items at a time when there's room for like 50+ if they were just tiles. I want to use this app so i can track with my store inventory, but if it doesn't get easier/faster to use i'm going back to Sqaure

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+1 - this is a necessary feature that should really be prioritized.

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Yes, this is really needed. 

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It's been 1 1/2 years since this was first addressed, then recently renewed, still unaddressed.

I am here to "bump" this idea.  The Tiles on the pages of the SHOPIFY POS app need to be able to be resized. 

They are far too big on the POS app and it would be nice to be able to resize them according to the page you are using.