Feature Request: Remove Abandoned Carts for successful POS purchases

Feature Request: Remove Abandoned Carts for successful POS purchases

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Currently, the abandoned carts section includes ALL of our in store successful point of sale purchases. It makes the report tedious to sort through. Should be a way to remove our point of sale purchases from the abandoned cart as it is obviously not an abandoned sale. Thanks.

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I just came to look for a solution to this.  I recently started using the Abandoned Cart Automation for my online store and saw a bunch of high dollar abandoned carts from my POS and I realized that there would not have been any abandoned POS carts.  Additionally it seems that a different abandoned cart ID was created for carts that were saved multiple times prior to the checkout.

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It is so frustrating that you requested this in 2022.  We (along with many others in this community) have been reaching out to Shopify to get this sorted and just get the standard reply of "this is a known issue".  It is NOT possible to have an omnichannel business and use Shopify POS with this issue as you can't run an abandon strategy without manually have to segment the POS transactions (incorrectly labeled as abandons). For the price point of Shopify POS this is a major flaw that I can not believe hasn't been rectified already.  Essentially the POS app isn't fit for purpose for anyone with an existing Shopify online store.   We are chatting with VEND now and will have to  move POS system if this isn't rectified soon as this issue is limiting the growth and bottom line of our store.