Feature request: Returns system improvements (damaged goods, no receipt)

Feature request: Returns system improvements (damaged goods, no receipt)

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Please consider improving the returns process to include:


1. Option to do a return without associating it to a client or receipt or transaction.

2. Returns need to have an option to select either return to stock, or not to return to stock (damaged, opened, etc).

3. Allow US to pick what type of currency we will use to issue the return. Being forced to use only the original type or a gift card (which we have to pay for!) is frustrating for both the retailer and the customer. As a non-coder I don't understand the reason for this restriction and must assume it is both challenging to code and implement for Shopify, otherwise this would be a standard option. Please consider making the effort to find a way to code this in so we can select what type of return we wish to do (cash, in store credit, credit card, gift card, etc whatever payment types we have set up). 


Our stock levels (due to returns and lack of case break as an option) are NEVER correct. Our inventory is never correct with this system, and must be manually corrected daily. This is standard on every other POS we have encountered, but apparently not on the omni channel POS systems.

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