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Hello retailers and soon-to-be sellers!

We want to help empower you this upcoming holiday selling season and beyond.

1. What topics do you need the most support or guidance on? 

2. Do you want to read blogs, follow a checklist, join a live AMA on the forum or attend a virtual event hosted by a subject matter expert, connecting you to your merchant community?


Looking forward to hearing from you!


Education Program Manager for Shopify's retail audience 

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Hi 🙂

Live virtual events for sure.

Currently my struggle is handle workflow on a daily basis. We haev just gone into lockdown which means our shopify sales go from 3-5 per week to 50.
Clients can order up to 8am for same day delivery. So I need to wait till then to print run sheet for the day etc.

Id love some support with streamlining this process. And getting a run sheet printed to mark off all the orders.

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What would be most useful is speaking to the dev team to help correct all the errors in the POS system that make it unable to properly function in a brick and mortar. Getting actual feedback about if the fixes could ever be put in place (and then have that be accurate) would be really helpful. Then we could stop searching for other work arounds or compatible POS systems that can fit that do provide what retailers need. We are left without any resolution for our pain points - with holidays coming up, people will want to do returns for examples - how are we supposed to do that? This pos system makes returns nearly impossible. How about breaking case lots? Even an app that could do it would be helpful at this point (yet another thing we would have to pay another $50 a month for, but then our inventory would come closer to being actually accurate online and in store). There are key things that could be addressed to help retailers make it so we have better customer service AND better (and way more accurate) accounting and inventory - those would be nice to see as a focus point. Thanks for asking for the feedback, we hope it will be genuinely considered.

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What petgrocer said is all we need. Things like being able to truly integrate an external payment system if we don't use shopify payments for instance. If you really want to help retailers going into the holidays, you have MORE than enough bugs to fix and EXPECTED features to keep your devs busy without adding on anything else. A live event isn't needed, just do a search through this forum and make a list. This is not a jab at you or your software, it is literally the right way to move forward. Stop building the plane as you're trying to fly it.

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Diddo on @ayrity and @petgrocer . Just listen to our feature requests please. There are some VERY basic POS functionalities that are not on ShopifyPOS. Reading blog posts and live events will not help when our customers are screaming at us because of the poor experience we're providing. This is the first time I've seen a person from Shopify post on the community related to POS so that's a good sign... 

One basic feature example is to be able to enter a sku and directly add it to the cart rather than putting it into a search. And, don't get me started on the search functionality. I could write a novel about how poor the search results are and how hard it is to find products when you have thousands. 

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So I left a review of the POS on the App Store.  I'm going to post it here to highlight some of the issues my fellow shop owners are talking about. Enjoy!

POS Review

2 stars Meh, it works fine. Just fine. 

"Not wonder, not terrible, just fine. Like when on a hot day, you are craving some cool fresh water, but you only have half a bottle that rolled out from under the seat of your car.  You're still going to drink it, but there's no satisfaction involved. 

Again; it's fine. It works (mostly). It keeps you alive. But in no way would it ever be your first choice. "

Developer Response

"Thank you for your review, your description depicts quite clearly how you feel about your experience using the POS app. We greatly value, feedback, but what your developers value even more are direct examples, as those help to make our products better. So if you have specific feedback that you'd care to share with our team, we'd love to hear more! We want to turn that experience from a warm bottle of water to an ice cold one, infused with oranges and cucumber to give you that spa feeling! Seriously though, we do appreciate your feedback and would like any specific examples of what would make your experience better. You can connect with our Retail team by heading to Support in the app, Point of Sale > Overview in the store admin, or by visiting We look forward to hearing from you. " 

Of course I'm unable to respond to the developers in the App store.  And I find it funny that they didn't mention the Shopify Community, but here is my feedback. 

Response to Developer Response

Specifics yes!  I'm going to gloss over the fact that I have been regular posting requests, fixes, and complaints here for 4 years... but let's start fresh. 

1. The search for products is a mess especially if you have lots of sku's. You know: Like a retail store. 

2. Why can I not send a card With the shipping? 

2.a. Why can't I add shipping, then change what's in the cart with out going all the way back through? 

3. Why when I enter a customers information does it tell me email is already in use, and erroring out. Wouldn't it be wiser to suggest using that customer?

4. Why would you be looking for customer feedback in reviews rather than in your own community?  

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to provide their feedback! I am passing these comments along to our retail product team for more visibility. 

If you are keen to participate in an upcoming live virtual event, check out what we have planned to help prepare you for the holidays/peak selling times: or 


Sarah | Shopify 
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