filter collection by meta-fields key value pair using graphQL

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HI ,

I am looking to make query in shopify's graphQL application.

I am looking to fetch all collection list which contains custom fields( meta-fields) key : "isAvailable"  value = true.

I need to set this condition in GraphQL app in my research till now. its limitation of shopify so please if any one have idea about it please let me know.

 Example : 

1.1) Product : smrinoff Vodka , Absolute vodka

1.2) Collection: vodka

1.3) metafield: isAvailable ( bool) : true/false


2.1) Product : smrinoff Vodka , Absolute vodka

2.2) Collection: vodka

2.3) metafield: isAvailable ( bool) : true/false


Now i need to make query like get all collection which meta-field - "isAvailable" value is true.

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why do you need this for? just curiosity.

Thank you.

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HI Alp,


As per my business model i need to handle it and i tried all the way to achieve it but not getting any success for it.

I try to achieve this by using admin api but due to limitation in shopify i am not able to handle it.