Find a customer by scanning a code

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I am currently looking for a way to find customer information on Shopify POS by scanning QR code. Since our retail stores are very busy to find a customer by typing their name, we need a solution to detect customer by scanning code at the store. Shopify POS currently accepts QR code function to detect a product but not a customer. Does anyone have any solution for this? 

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Hello chihirot0109

We are facing the exact same dilemma, have you already found a Solution for this problem? 

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Nope...😭  I think we have to have an application to connect the code to customer information. It seems Shopify connects scanned data only with Product data. I really want them to implement the function to connect it to User as well.

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I'm looking for this too!

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I’m looking for the same thing. We have members.

I want them to have a card with a code, barcode or QR I don’t care, which links to their account and also means they get their automatic discount.

I tried putting their name in the barcode and scanning it, it will read it but won’t find the customer record. 

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Hello all,

Since there was still no solution for this use case, I decided to build an app specifically for this. I welcome you to check out the Barcodify - Customer Selector app, which has just been approved by Shopify. The app enables you to associate a customer with a barcode/QR code and then simply pull up the associated customer or add the customer to the POS cart using the same barcode/QR code.

There's a 14-day free trial and a quick starter guide with a video walkthrough if you wish to see the app in action first.

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Looking for the same thing too with a Bluetooth scanner.

I want to be able to click "Add customer", scan loyalty card, then click the matched name.  When using the "Add customer" function, Shopify POS thinks any scanned data is a product barcode and tries to add it to the cart.  That behavior is not what I would expect when trying to add a customer.

Another interesting thing is that from the Orders, Products, or Customers page, scanning a QR code actually triggers a search function and displays the results.  It doesn't assume the barcode represents a product.

So, there is a longer path to accomplish the goal, but it requires the user to 1) Click into the Customers view, 2) Scan the barcode, 3) click the user name, 4) click "Add to cart", then 5) navigate back to Home to complete the sale.  

Ideally, this would be a one step process with a loyalty card encoded with a specific data format: Scan customer loyalty card then Shopify POS adds name to cart