Forcing Customer Attachment Before Sale

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I am looking to force a staff member (or myself) to attach a customer to a shopping cart before the sale can be completed. The specifics of our services require that ALL sales MUST have the correct customer attached and it is far too easy to skip this step intentionally or unintentionally.


Is there a way, with the Shopify POS or an app within the POS, to prevent a sale from being completed before a customer is attached? Better, is there a way to force customer attachment BEFORE any items are added to the cart?

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Hi, @asm264 

There isn't currently a way to make customer accounts required for POS sales at this time. POS sales are a bit different in that they don't follow the same rules as the online sales checkout options. This was designed to account for the merchant making in the moment decisions like allowing out of stock products to be sold, etc.!

I can see how this feature could be quite useful for some shops -  to be able to enforce depending on the type of products that they sell or the policies they have in place. So, I'll be sure to pass this request along to our team for consideration. If you could take a moment to share why this is important for your business and share the URL, I can add that detail to your request.

For a refresher on how this currently works in the POS, check out this help doc - Using customer profiles in Shopify POS.



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I also need this feature. It's important bc you cannot edit the customer name after the sale. 

I need the search history of the customer has a return and losses their rcpt. 

Also, I am using partial payments as a work around for layaway, or special orders. If an employee forgets the customer name it's difficult to service the saved order. 

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HI, @Max 

As a plus merchant who do several thousands of POS order monthly and globally, we also need this function.
We are selling to our member only and we have some CRM mechanism works behind the scene when a POS order is created.
In some cases, if the cashier staff forgot to attach a customer, it will be a problem to these mechanisms and results in customers' complaints.
Please take it into consideration and this function will make our operations more flawless and smooth.


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Having a setting to require salesperson before completing a POS sale would be very helpful to us and our procedures as well.


Has this been revisited / can a feature request be put in to the Shopify team for this?

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I will really need this feature too. My employees always forget to add their name and paying commissions is a nightmare because I have to double check schedules and they need to remember which sales did each one.