Has anyone found other POS options besides Shopify?

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Frankly...I think this is disgraceful how much these fees have gone up - not to mention this is a Canadian company and we're being billed in USD. DOUBLE the price for curbside pick up...CRAZY. Looking at other options...shame on you Shopify...

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What do you mean double the price curbside pickup?  I haven't found any benefit to POS "Pro" otherthan they changed the layout, and added more glitches to the entire platform.  Wasting my time this morning trying to search for products that are  not showing up.  I'm actively searching to convert.  

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I am in the exact same boat.  My biggest thing is that the purposely made the lite version almost useless.  You cant even process exchanges.  The layout of it is so bad I have had to apologize to every single customer the last two days for taking so long to ring them in. 

Its fine if they want to add new features and change things to charge for a PRO version, but its really shitty of them to purposely make the free version useless so forcing their current customers to pay more.  By the way, we already pay the extra $40 a month for the plus plan to get access to the pos system, so really its $130 a month they are taking. 

I am researching alternatives to switch before black friday.  What do you know about lightspeed?

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I'm in the same boat with the exchanges issue and it's absolutely ridiculous that you can't even process an exchange anymore... How do you have a system that is isn't even designed to process exchanges at all?! so crazy!