Having Variants *only* show on POS

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Yeah weird request! Dont suppose there is any way to have variants on a product, which show up on the POS

but you dont see the variant choices on the ecommerce?



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@Dirky   When  you have your item in Shopify then later decide to add the larger volumes, you can just go to the product and in the top left under the item name click "duplicate" it will open to a new item with all the info moved over and you can just change the sku and add variants.  That may make it a little easier if you have long descriptions and such.  Well you dont really have to change the sku, however I would probably change that or the title so spare confusion when looking at things on the backend.

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Hi, I was wondering if the situation on this matter has changed?

Essentially, I wish to do what the OP was originally suggesting. That is, to have a product variant show only on the POS. The only difference is that I was hoping to use a csv database so that I can import a lot of product onto shopify at once. Is there a column I can flag as true or false on a csv database that will then import into shopify that will designate a variant as POS only or can it only be done through the shopify admin portal?

Thanks, Tyler

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This is still a concern if you are using POS and want an item only on the POS (they have a 'POSOnly' tag they set up so you would think it should work). Currently if we want to do an order for a product from a vendor, or receive it into inventory using Stocky, it MUST be published on the website. Otherwise it doesn't show up. POSOnly is pointless if you use Stocky, which we do because we have so many skus and vendors and suppliers. This needs to be fixed so we can take items off our website that we don't want published.

Additionally, you can't let clients pre-purchase and pay online or with a draft order for items you don't show as having in stock, so you basically can't accept payments on layaway or pre-orders. So looking forward to actual feedback on these issues. Thanks.

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Looking for this feature as well