Re: Help integrating Shopify site with Lightspeed POS

Help integrating Shopify site with Lightspeed POS

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I created a Shopify e-commerce site for a client who has an existing brick and mortar store. She uses Lightspeed R-Series for her POS and would like to integrate that into the new Shopify retail store. Currently customers can only purchase workshops online (so no shipping involved) but she'd like the option to scale to physical products eventually.


I've heard of Accumula but don't know if that's the best option? Anywhere else I should look? Maybe just call Lightspeed customer service and start there?


I appreciate your help with this!

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You can try the SKUPlugs integration platform for your Lightspeed Retail POS and Shopify integration. They provide 15 days free trial account and you can sync unlimited products and orders between both platforms.


For more info:



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Hello.  Did you ever get this integration accomplished?  I'm curious which solution you decided to use as I am looking for the same.

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Hello, I faced the same situation and it was quite frustrating to me until I found the right solution for it using SKUPlugs. It made the whole lightspeed shopify integration process very seamless for me. It actually worked wonders for me. You can try it from here -

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Hi there, 
Integrating Lightspeed POS with Shopify is an excellent way to take advantage of all the features of both systems and even unlock new ones.

With this integration, you can synchronize different types of data, including sales orders, products, sales invoices, shipments, and more.

Learn more about this integration: https: //

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Absolutely, integrating Lightspeed Retail with Shopify is a seamless process with Octopus Bridge. We specialize in this integration and offer a 14-day free trial with no setup fees. Our service allows for unlimited syncing of products and orders between both platforms, ensuring a smooth transition for your client's brick-and-mortar store to their new Shopify e-commerce site. With our solution, your client can easily manage their online workshops and have the flexibility to scale to physical products in the future.


Visit for more information: