Help me convince my boss that Shopify is indeed "robust enough" to run our 2 stores & website.

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Hi everyone,

I need help convincing my boss that Shopify is indeed robust enough to handle both our POS & web store. They are currently not integrated and are running as 2 separate businesses which means I'm (and everyone else) is doing 2x the work, losing time and money, and leaving cash on the table because they don't understand that we can run inventory, set up transfers, know when shipments are coming in etc... I am looking for someone, a merchant preferably, to share their story and help me convince them this is the way to go. I am desperate and apparently Shopify's sales department doesn't actually do any sales or doesn't speak to people directly. We're in Atlanta so if you are too, that would be even better. I'm afraid I may quite my job if I can't get them to understand that redoing their website in Shopify is only half of the job that pos integration is necessary to optimize.

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