Help Please! Newbie Needs Quick Support Before Switiching To Shopify

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Hello Everyone!


I am in need of some quick and effective advice if you would please. I have started out with another website builder/provider back in October, so that I could have my store up and running in plenty of time for the prime holiday shopping season. they started out being very helpful with live phone support and screen sharing. What a life saver! Until now. My store has yet to launch because of a techincal issue on their end. They initially told me I could upload an unlimited number of items on an Excel spreadsheet. They are JUST NOW telling me I can't after two months. I have missed out on prime selling season including but not limited to: Black Friday AND Cyber Monday.

Here are my "Newbie" questions:

Does Shopify offer live chat, phone, or screen sharing options? If not, what is a reasonable turn-around time if I have an issue with my website?

Can I transfer my website and domain name to Shopify? How hard is it? What are the costs? What is the turn around time?

What shipping and or payment integrations would there be for my website?

Can I upload an Excel spreadsheet to my store?

Is there a limit to the number of products that I can upload and or have in my store?

How can I determine shipping costs and accurately charge customers at time order is placed?

I am trying to salvage face and holiday buying season.


Thanks so much.






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