How can I add and access FedEx 3rd party rates in my store?

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We're a new store and realized that FedEx was not part of the standard shipping options in Shopify. We upgraded to the $299/month plan to activate 3rd party shipping rates (also learned that we could do that for $20/month after reading a post here...ugh)

After connecting our FedEx account, we're still not seeing FedEx as an available shipping option when we go to print a ticket. I assumed that our FedEx rates would appear alongside the available default Shopify options (UPS, USPS DHL). Is that not the case? Do those rates display somewhere else? 

How can we access our rates and print tickets with FedEx? 


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Hi @BGG,

Shopify only offers carrier calculated rates feature for FedEx and not printing the shipping labels. As you have already upgraded, you would be able to use this feature to calculate and display FedEx rates at checkout. And yes, you could have also opted for a $20/month additional charge. 

In order to print FedEx labels, you would have to use an app like our FedEx Rates, Labels, & Tracking app that helps you with displaying rates at checkout (if carrier-calculated rates feature is enabled), print FedEx labels in bulk for all your order and also helps with auto-fulfilling your orders with the FedEx tracking number. 

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