How can I add new products to inventory using manufacturer's barcode?

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Hi! I'm new to this and feel like I missing something obvious. I get new products in that come with a barcode from the manufacturer. Is there a way to scan that barcode to add the new product to my inventory and have it auto generate with the product info from the manufacturer? Or do I need to create and manually type in all the product info myself and then link the barcode to the info that I filled out?

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There is or used to be an Android-only app called SnapStoc that would do this for you, providing the product was in one of the EAN/UPC/ISBN barcode databases. If you’re in the US and have an Android phone, you could try searching the Play Store for the app. I’m not aware of any other direct solutions like this, but there might be.


What we do in our store is ask our suppliers to send us their catalogue (or our order) as a data file (usually CSV), which we then manipulate in Excel to produce a file of products/variants that we can import into Shopify. That saves a huge amount of data entry work and means we can use the manufacturer’s own barcode/label/description etc rather than generating our own. We wouldn’t do that for individual-priced items, but for bulk items (like greetings cards, for example) it works well - though obviously not as neat as simply scanning a barcode.


More info here:


The process is a bit of a faff the first time; there are also apps in the Shopify App Store that can simplify the effort significantly (just search for “import”).