How can I automate inventory management in Shopify?

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Hi everyone,

Got a big question. I come from an other store that use a basic POS. But one option that is very nice is the inventory management. Now I'm working in a new store that use Shopify but I can't find any app or else to help me on this task.

Let me explain. I want to put a "min quantity" on a product like (I want a minimum a 4 of the product on my shelf) and I want it to order by "12". When you go lower then that, it will put this product in "to order". Now I could go in transfer or order from my supplier and create an order base on the minimum I should have. Like something more automatic than right now.

Is this possible with Shopify or any app. Maybe Shopify POS Pro?

Thank you very much

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Hi Yannick,

Do you guys currently use any POS with your Shopify store today? What you're describing is possible for sure with Shopify, just depends on what systems you already have in place.