How can I automatically add an 'out of stock' sticker to product variants?

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I have a product with a few options

 I use stock sync to automatically update inventory levels

 When one of the variants goes out of stock

I would like that specific variant's image to show a sticker saying "out of stock"

Is this possible to happen automatically?


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Hey, @hanhan.

Tira here to help.

Depending on the theme you are using, when a variant is no longer in stock, there will be an “out of stock” image showing that replaces the “Add to Cart” button on the product’s page. Here is an image from my test store of what this looks like:


Is this something that you would want to do? If it is, could you let me know what theme you are using? If not, I would love to see an example of what you’re looking to do so that I can provide you with guidance or resources to help.

Chat soon,

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Hey, @hanhan.

Tira here, again.

I saw that you liked my post. Thanks! Did my instructions help you achieve what you needed to do?

Chat soon, 

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Hi @hanhan!

Have you tried using an app like ModeMagic, which adds stickers and badges automatically to your products? It's quite easy to set it up so that any products you select will display your chosen sticker once your inventory = 0. (or any other automation you want!)

Hope this helps!!

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