How can I automatically apply employee and neighborhood discounts?

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I am trying to find a way to have a discount applied automatically for both employees and people that work in the neighborhood.

Of course chat tells me this is not possible, takes 20 minutes between responses and then offers up irrelevant apps. 

Is it possible that this isn't possible? I am growing more and more upset at the basic stuff that's missing, that literally every other POS on the planet offers and then being told it's some sort of niche thing I am asking for but they'll "tell the developers who take feedback very seriously."


And I can't say this reluctantly enough, but is there an affordable app that will do this if I have to go that route?

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Hey there,

Sorry to hear about your frustrations, but maybe we can brainstorm a solution together.
The tricky part about your requirement does sound like the automatic discounts for specific groups of people.

The thing about automatic discounts is that they always apply.
If the discount always applies but is only limited to your specific group of customers, then regular customers cannot shop properly.
And prior to checkout, your store has no idea who the customer is until they enter their information.

That's my take on why it's tricky. Onto your options:

I'm wondering if the automatic aspect is necessary?
Or would emailing the manual discount code(s) for those people that qualify be an option?

One other thing I can think of is having some way to prove that they're an employee/person in the neighborhood before reaching the checkout.
This would likely rely on some external app to handle the scenario you're trying to support.
Unfortunately, I'm not sure if there are any apps that exist like that at this time.

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I just want what literally every other POS does. Which is you can have an automatic discount applied within a customer profile. So if Eric Richards walks in to shop and I know he works at the shop next door, his customer profile is applied to the sale and an automatic discount is applied to that sale. That way we can proactively reach out to the neighborhood to let them know this is an option. It cuts down on abuse like in a mall setting where you can just say you work in the mall at places that do discounts like that, because it requires a profile to be set-up before hand. And it's automatic any time the customer profile is brought up. I was just trying to think about using the tagging feature as a potential workaround since it doesn't seem like you can apply a discount to a customer profile which is just crazy.