How can I correct an accidental partial refund to a customer?

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Hi everyone, 

I accidentally sent a customer the wrong amount and it is showing a partial refund. I would like to refund the entire amount but currently the order is closed out. I looked on the forum boards to see if anyone had a similar problem but found nothing. Shopify videos have a great tutorial (which i saw it before i refunded the order) but nothing about partial refund errors. Can anyone help? 


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Although the order is probably showing as Partially Refunded and Archived, Shopify should still let you refund the remainder of the payment (or at least it does for us!)  Here's what we do:


1. In Shopify Admin go to Orders and select the problem order.

2. In the top bar, on the LHS you should see "Partially Refunded" and "Archived" next to the order number. On the RHS you should see "Refund", "Edit" and "More actions".

3. Click Refund. Enter the amount (which has to go back to the original payment method - usually a card) along with a reason for the additional refund (e.g. "Refunded wrong amount originally")

4. Click the green Refund button to place the refund.