How can I create an inventory price list for my online store?

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I use shopify for my online website and Reckon Hosted for my retail shopfront  and  accounting needs.

However i need to create an inventory list of the items active online in shopify and the cost and sell price associated with each item .

I can see how to convert SKU'S to a CSV Excel file but i need that plus item cost and the sell price  associated with each item  so i can do some specific analytics.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction please ?


Thanks and regards.


Also my business is in Moorabbin (vic) if there is any suitably qualified person  out there that could help me with my current shopify needs and potentialy a transition to shopify P,O,S i would be intrested in hearing from them.

We are a team of five turn over more than $5.000,000 with about 300 line items 


Thanks and Regards

Tim Nicholas

Bargain Home Appliances

0400 584076



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