How can I display the tip screen only for specific products on POS?

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My shop mostly sells retail products that people don't usually tip for, but also sells drinks, snacks, and services where a tip is appropriate.

The Shopify POS workflow confuses a lot of customers, because there are several steps before they can tap or insert their card, which slows down checkouts.


Is there a way to only display the Tip screen if a customer selects certain products, but skip it otherwise?
Also, is there a way for the reader to start to accept card info before the checkout is complete, to save them the inconvenience?

Ian Struckhoff
The Fourth Place
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Hello there


To show tips on POS (point of sale) for some products on Shopify, you can create a collection in your Shopify store and add the products for which you want to show the tips to that collection. Then, in your Shopify POS settings, you can enable the option to display product collections on your POS, and select the collection you just created. This will allow you to show only the products in that collection on your POS, and display the tips for those products.


hope this helps