How can I edit or create temporary payments in Shopify POS during checkout?

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We're assessing Shopify POS for a BM business.

One of our problem is the checkout process : when a client wants to checkout with multiple payment methods, we cannot edit a payment method or return from the checkout process once started.

This is problematic for us because clients can change their payment methods after we created a payment.


For instance, we have an order of 90$

The client says he wants to pay 50$ cash and 40$ card.

What we usually do is that we take the 50$ cash, type it in the pos, and the system will basically say there is 40$ to be paid.

For some reason, if the client wants to pay 50$ by card and 40$, we're stuck : I cannot edit the previously created payment of 50$ cash.


Is there a way to create "temporary" payment, then validate them all at once ?



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on my POS app the first screen after selecting Checkout is Select payment option - the last option presented is for a "split payment" this allows for the scenario you mentioned - part cash part card.