How can I effectively implement automated bulk discounts online?

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I'm trying to add a scale of automated bulk discounts to our online store. the problem I'm running into is that customers aren't using the discount codes, opting to call us to ensure they receive their discounts, and automated discounts don't work since you cannot apply more than one automated discount to the same item. I'm using the sense theme if that makes any difference, and want to avoid using an app if possible.

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Welcome to my world, have a seat.  I run one of the largest retro video game stores in Canada and this has been my struggle for a LONG time.  I run an application called "Bulk Discount & Sales Manager" to handle automated bulk discounts to our online and in-store sales.  Our in-store and online store usually share the same sales.  This also causes some issues too and the application isn't perfect.  

Now, depending on how many items, once you setup up the sale it takes some time to propagate the sale.  We have 24,000+ products and last night we just applied a flat 10% off store-wide.  It took 8 hours for the sale to become active at midnight.  Now that everything is done, everything is on 10% which is amazing or so it would seem.

1) If you add new products, you have to put them in as not on sale and hope that the application will apply the sale.  It is supposed to sweep the collections a few times a day to find new skus and apply the sale.  Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes it even does funky things to those prices.  At the end of the month, sometimes it forgets to take the sale prices off those new skus.

2) You are unable to raise or lower the prices of any of the products that are on sale for the entire month.  You could manually do it BUT at the end of the month when it takes the sale off, it will revert the prices back to what it has stored in it's database which will be what it was at the beginning when it first applied the pricing.  

3) Any other discount codes you have active in your store can also be applied to the sale prices which could allow your customers to double dip.  We have a coupon code for 5% your first order when you sign up for our newsletter.  When we have a bulk discount like we do this month, we disable that sale so that people aren't double dipping.  We then re-activate that discount at the end of the month.  It never expires and it allows every customer to use it once so no one misses out at all.  They just use it on their next order.  It is better to save 10% then 5% anyways.

With that said, stacking automated discounts and regular discount codes SHOULD be available to all customers very soon if it isn't available to you yet.  My issue with making customers use automated discounts or discount codes is that the customer doesn't SEE the discount in their face.  They don't see that the item is 10% until it is in the shopping cart and that visual of 10% off is VERY powerful and is a huge motivator for them to buy it.  Shopify has been making things better but it has taken them years to even get from where they were to where they are now.  

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I can not believe we are in 2023 and still Shopify does not have this feature. This is the most basic thing and without that all Shopify users are losing money. Shopify is completely useless without this. What's the point of having a website if you can not set up a sale. Buyers don't use the promo code option.

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@SupportatPIE Quantity X app does precisely what you need. It allows to apply discounts automatically based on cart items/cart amount and is compatible with other discount codes.  

Quantity X is a volume discount app with an upsell funnel. Try for free