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How can I enable ship to customer option on Shopify POS Lite?

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Does anyone know how to make ship to customer as an option for pos lite? I want to have this option for artist alleys and I don't want to pay for pro as I will not be selling in person often.

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  1. Open the Shopify POS app on your device and log in to your account.

  2. Tap on the "Orders" button in the bottom navigation bar.

  3. Select the order that you want to fulfill by tapping on it.

  4. Select the "Create Shipment" button.

  5. On the next screen, you will be prompted to enter the shipping address for the order. You can either enter the shipping address manually or select it from a list of previously used addresses.

  6. Once you have entered the shipping address, you can select a shipping carrier and shipping service.

  7. If you have a shipping scale connected to your device, you can weigh the package to ensure that the shipping cost is accurate.

  8. Once you have selected the shipping carrier and service, you will be prompted to print the shipping label. If you do not have a printer connected, you can email the shipping label to yourself or the customer.

  9. After the shipping label is printed, you can pack the order and attach the shipping label to the package.

  10. Once the package is ready to ship, tap on the "Mark as Shipped" button in the app. This will update the order status and send a shipment notification to the customer.

It's important to note that you will need to have a Shopify plan that includes the Shopify POS app, and a Shopify shipping account to be able to ship products with Shopify POS.

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I cannot find the ship to customer option in pos lite...its just non existant. Is it another way?

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I cannot find the shipping to customers option in POS Lite? Is it normal? 

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I'm interested to find out if anybody found a good way of implementing Ship to Customer without needing to purchase Pos Pro?

Since I've got a couple of locations Pos Pro gets expensive quickly, and it seems like I only need it for this feature, which I only use occasionally.

Interested to know if anyone can recommend a third party app that provides the same functionality, or a good way to achieve a similar things by using Shopify Flow or a some custom build code.