How can I enter fractions as quantities in a POS system?

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I work for a landscape yard, and we want to change our POS to shopify. However we have run into an issue with the fractions. We sell our rock and dirt products in half and full yards. We need to find a way to be able to enter .5 as a quantity. Has anyone been able to find an app to fix this problem? 

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There are a few apps in the Shopify app store (e.g. “Sell products by weight in POS”, “UnitPricer” etc) that look like they would allow you to sell by any fraction of a yard. However, if all you ever need is either a yard or a half-yard, it might be simpler/cheaper to just set up two variants in Shopify for each applicable product (“Yard” and “Half-yard”).

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Did you ever find a solution?   I sell fabric and need to be able to sell yardage in fractions.