How can I get a refund from Cuties Boutique for an unfulfilled order?

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I placed an order on Spotify with cuties boutique. The company is no longer responding to any emails. I have no update on my order. It’s been since March 2022.  I want a refund it’s going on a year almost.

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Hi there, @MHudley1970


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With regards to your inquiry, given that it has been quite a long time since you have placed your order from this store, we recommend you reach out to your bank now, the one you used to make this purchase, to inform them that you never got your order as well as how the company is not responding to your inquiries any longer. 


In such matters, your bank is the one who can provide you with a refund besides the store. I have attached our Order FAQ page for more information about this matter. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.