How can I implement a round up feature in POS for non-profit thrift stores?

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I work with non profit thrift stores that use Shopify as a POS system. They'd like to have a round up to the next dollar feature. I've looked into apps that do this, but most only work with the online sales channel and the one I found that did work with POS, I couldn't get to work (we mostly use variants to ring products up and I was told it wouldn't work with product variants). Also, all the apps appear designed for a for profit business accepting donations for other non profits.


I could just set up a tax free $0.01 donation product and ask cashiers to adjust the quantity to facilitate the round up, but that's awfully cumbersome and likely cashiers will just stop asking because it'd be such a hassle. Ideally, we'd have a tile that we could select and the correct quantity would be entered automatically. 


Is there any kind of apps that allow you to create a product where the pricing or quantity can be determined by logic. Or any other app that while not designed to facilitate donations, would work for us?

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Hello Have you tried ,

Its gives the option to round up 

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I am also looking for this option for the exact same purpose. Other POS software has it, but I can't find an app that works with Shopify.


Any word on if this will ever be a possibility?