How can I indicate per item if it is Available for immediate Pickup Vs it being a Special Order

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I am new to Shopify and decide if it will me my needs...
We have a Brick & Motor Store and have expanded to Online.  
Many of our local customers love to shop online and pick-up in store... but sometimes we are out of stock on certain items...

Other than the current Inventory available / Not available option, Is there a way to sell and item that is out of stock but to indicate that an item is Out of stock and available as a special order only... or something like that...

I see this all the time in bigger online stores that show "Available Today" vs "Ship to you", and "Ship to store" options... I want this if possible,

Hope someone can help 


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Hi There!

Welcome to Shopify 🙂

You can add the "pre-order" option natively by "allow selling" under product page.

 For more custom features, would need someone to code it for you

Hope this helps


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I'm sorry but I don't understand your answer exactly...  Do you mean to check the box for "Continue selling when out of stock" ?