How can I search for specific product variants by SKU in POS?

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When we try to search for an item in Shopify POS by entering the SKU, the main product listing appears. Which isn't much of an issue on its own, except when we click the product listing it shows every variant instead of just the variant that matches the SKU. Our products tend to have a lot of variants, 20+ in some cases, so it's becoming frustrating to have to scroll through variants when simply entering the SKU was all that was needed with our previous POS system.


Is there a better way to narrow down items using the search function? The Shopify retail specialist we've been working with suggested we switch to barcodes and use a scanner, but that's a long-term solution and we need something now to get through the busy holiday season without losing our minds. Is there an app that might offer a quick fix? Any help would be appreciated!

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