How can I sell fabric in fractional quantities like 1/2 or 1/4 yard?

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We are a fabric store.  We sell fabric by the yard or less.  How do I sell a 1/2 yd?  or a 1/4yd?  or 2-1/2yds?  is there a way to make the quantities in fractions/decimals?  

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Hi @rustymoon shopify is not built for this, quantities are positive integers.

Workarounds are generally referred to as sell-by-weight , sell-by-measure, etc.

And it's all workarounds when doing this on shopify.


Crudest method is every variant represents it's own fraction, so "fraction" or "measure" is literally the variant option like you would use size or color to represent a tshirt.

e.g. Silk size 1/4 x 5 quantity, has 9 items in the cart and represents 2 1/4 yd.

Generally requiring theme customizations to make things a bit more cohesive, or improve UI message etc. i.e. when the quantity input value is changed so the customer how many yards they are adding to the cart.


Keeping in mind aspects of the platform like checkout/POS/kiosks cannot be customized in the same manner as the online-sales channel theme.

For POS there may still be a few apps to aid with this process in retail stores.


If you need this customization create or consulted on then contact me by email for services.
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