How can I sell products by weight on Shopify POS?

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I think Shopify doesn't quite feel the needs of specialized businesses. We started as an online grocery store. When we added Shopify POS, some problems started.


1. For example, Shopify lacks the option to sell by weight. You can't do without it at the grocery store. Issues can be resolved with the app, which can be found on the Shopify App Store. But it's not serious. First, these applications do not work offline. And most importantly, they work for a very long time and their algorithm of operation is completely different than it should be in any normal POS. For example, if a customer selected several products, and at least one of them is a product by weight, you must launch this application, wait until it loads, select the product according to their algorithm. Since these applications cannot work without an internet connection, they take up time, at least 3-4 times more than on other POS for each scaled product, especially during rush hour, which is very annoying. And if the client suddenly decides to add another product with weight, you have to do the whole journey again. This is very non-serious for a professional service.

I really hope that Shopify will find solutions quickly, otherwise we will have to stop work on Shopify POS, although it will be a pity, because integration and synchronization between Retail and Online Store is very important for us.


2. Another important problem. We have thousands of products in the Grocery Store. Almost every week we receive from 30 to 300 items of goods and their cost and sale price can change every week. It would be very desirable to be able to immediately change the cost and sale price in Transfer Sheet. Like, for example, on EDIT PRODUCTS. Now we have to go into each product one by one and change the numbers, which takes a lot of time.



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