Re: A Product with One Variant for POS Only?

How can I sell single variants in-store only without affecting online sales?

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Easy example, toffee-- I sell in 4, 8, 12oz online. In retail store you can buy 2oz.

I sell pecan bars, online 5 packs, in store, singles or 5 packs.

etc etc.


I need to have a range of products that have a single variant which is sold in-store/POS but not online.


The workaround is to probably have a Singles product with a lot of variants but it'd be much nicer to just have SKUs that have specific sales channel(s) that way they are tracked properly.


Am I missing a way to handle this?

The Secret Chocolatier (shopify) :
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Also seeking this, I have fiction books that drop ship to customers but sometimes I keep stock on hand for in-person markets and fairs. I'd rather have a SKU or variant that only appears on POS channel rather than duplicate an item and hide it from every channel except POS.