How can I set daily sale notifications instead of receiving them in real time?

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How do I keep from getting a notification every time we check someone out? I would like to receive and end of the day notification but don't need to know every sale all day! 😂

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This is a great question! You can toggle notifications on and off by navigating from your admin to Settings > Notifications and scrolling all the way down.

Here you can determine which staff accounts receive order notifications and enable or disable as you need to. 

As far as an end of day notification/summary of sales, this isn't yet a built-in feature but it may be achieve-able through the use of some third-party apps such as Get Notified

or Email my Webhooks. These are third-party options so I suggest using the trial plans to determine whether this is a notification type you can set-up. 

If you're familiar with script, you may be able to explore creating your own custom webhooks. Here's some resources to get you started. 

Finally, if you're looking for a quick end-of-day summary, you can always have the Shopify app downloaded to your phone and can tap the app to login and have an at-a-glance peek at your sales for that day. I hope that helps! 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.