How can I set up variable pricing for products on Shopify?

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So we just switched from Square to shopify, and we can not set up a product with an open or variable price? We were told to download an app from a 3rd party, this is unacceptable.  If we sell lollipops and have 100 or more, it would make sense to have an open price.  So we select Lollipops and then my staff can type in the price, as it may be per lollipop or by weight, so the price is never the same.  The same thing with hats we have 200 styles of hats and they all have differenct colors/ and prices.  Anyone know how to do this,  or how to get Shopify to add this as a highly needed feature.  I would assume many Square folks would switch to Shopify if they new this existed.  


Very simple, need a way to add a product with no price and at check out for POS, staff can enter the price.


Hats, staff tupes in $18, not from a drop down of 100 prices.

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@MoceanLLC Could you please share example website how you would like to sell your products on store? so can get a better idea on your issue

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Thank you for raising this question and caution.  We were considering switching to Shopify POS form Square not because of any quality issues but just to keep all functions within the same channel as our Shopify store.  BUT, we will not be switching over to Shopify.  Price variability is critical and common-sensical in business, as are the ability to offer variable discounts and promotions on-the-go!  


Square has been very good so far.

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Unfortunately this simply isn't possible at the moment with Shopify POS. I think there's a fair amount of feedback on this over the last 12-24+ months and it has yet to be introduced. They've even taken a step backwards by making it no longer possible to set a fixed discounted price within the last few months. I'm assuming there's currently some sort of limitation with the infrastructure that's causing them not to be able to do this, otherwise it would seem like a bit of a no-brainer.


There's a third party app that we're forced to use for this: - However this can slow / sometimes fails to work properly / doesn't properly integrate with reporting due to the way the work-around is handled. 


As such there isn't really a suitable solution at all. 

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I am looking for a solution to my issue concerning variable pricing.  I have employees working the fuel dock at my marina all summer long with multiple gas sales per day at obviously different amounts.  Is there any way to find an easy solution on Shopify or do I need to look into square or a different POS system?