How can I take legal action if my site is unfairly shut down?

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my site auraofsolace has been illegally shut down. While I have been a paying active customer for over a year I paid for the premium pos for fairs and events. When I didn’t have enough events I downgraded to the regular POS system. 

I did a Halloween arts and crafts fair and sold a total on credit card $2,211.00 so not a whole lot. Pending payout my account was shut down due to breaking their ROS which selling crystal and stone carvings can not at all violate. They will not reply. Did not tell me anything. Shut my entire site down and I cannot access even my admin page. I am out merchandise and actually lost a rental home with a $12,300 deposit on it due to my income source being inaccurate. (Landlord looked up my website and saw it was removed) 


I’m a mother with a 12 year old with severe epilepsy who not only lost my deposit and security fee for a home. But the home. And my only source of income. Over a month later not even ONE reply to my emails 

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