How can I track customer consent for marketing in POS transactions?

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Hi everyone,

We use shopify for both ecommerce and pos (for best integration), and we use klaviyo for email marketing.

When a customer buys a product at a retail pos, we enter their name and email and ask them if they accept marketing or not.

Are we able to find reports on:

1) How many customers are leaving their name and email with us (as a KPI, as we want 70% of all retail sales to be linked to a profile)

2) How many customers are accepting marketing when asked at POS

Would be a great insight and KPI to help develop our sales staffs.

Thanks so much in advance! 



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Hello @esalesnique

This is John from Report Pundit.

Your requirement is doable with the Report Pundit app. In fact, we have worked on similar requests to some of our customers.

Also one of the features in the Report Pundit is Klaviyo integration. You can Integrate Klaviyo with Report Pundit and generate a report.

Kindly Install Report Pundit and contact us at or our live support for help in creating reports.


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