How can I track inventory and ingredients for my products?

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Hi all,

I am currently evaluating Shopify and cant find a particular feature I need.

I run a small outlet producing cheese and cured sausage, I need to be able to buy raw ingredients in and track them in inventory. I then need to be able to create my products, which should consume the ingredients and add the final product into inventory.

I have been through all of the options in the demo but cannot find this particular feature. is it possible to do this with Shopify?


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What you are after is a bundling app. There are a few available on the Shopify app store but it depends on how you want to track inventory. We are launching a new bundling app where you can build your product from different items and it will track inventory that can be made from component items. The customer then just sees the final product when buying. When order comes in we then subtract quantities of the individual components so inventory maintains correct values.

It would also depend on how you currently want to track inventory and whether you use another platform etc. We specialise in connecting and automating such processes so if you would like to discuss more simply send an email to